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Pat Smith "pick'n up up" at New England Dragway

(Click picture to enlarge)

Pat Smith's 10 second 383 Regal. This car ran a 1/4 mile simulation on our dyno, launching off the trans-brake at 5500 rpm and matched his most recent New England Dragway time slip within .05 seconds!  See the proof.




Mike's Willis setting up on the dyno.  The boss popping a new set of plugs into the Big Chief heads.  A no nonsense interior with all the details covered.

(Click picture to enlarge)


Mike Gagner's gorgeous '41 Willis on a Vanishing Point chassis, 522ci Arias aluminum block, Big Chief heads, FAST efi and a BDS 10.71 blower.  Final drivability tuning and a horsepower pull were performed in August. 703hp/587ft-lbs @ 6000rpm/14lbs boost (just the tip of the iceberg).  This coupe is BAAAD!






George Paicopoulos' Vette, ready to strap in to the dyno Supercharged 402 Cubic Inch LS7

(Click picture to enlarge)

George Paicopoulos' 1999 Corvette

LS7, 402 ci, ProCharger P-Trim supercharged, 6-speed manual. 6/23/06 - After a PCM tuning session -  540hp peak at the rear wheels, 362hp average. 500Ft-Lbs peak torque, 440 Ft-Lbs average, 2500rpm-6000rpm. All that with a "safe" tune @ 81% humidity and 84°F!

The Vette participated in a "Dyno Day" at a facility using a Dynojet™ shortly after the tune at our shop. It measured 697hp at the rear wheels! 

Mustang Dyno vs. Dynojet?  See the box on the left for an explanation.

  Bottom line, the Vette arrived at the Dynojet facility "tuned for the occasion".




Will Moore's Charger

(Click picture to enlarge)

Will Moore's primo Charger.



Dave Pine's 1970 Mopar  Dave Pine's 383 Dodge

(Click picture to enlarge)

Dave Pine's 1970 383ci Challenger R/T. (Work in progress)


Paul Ripa's 1994 stroked and  blown Mustang

(Click picture to enlarge)

1994 Mustang 347ci blown stroker, owned by Paul Ripa (see the project)



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